Full-Face Snorkel Mask Safety Study

Divers Alert Network aims to assess the safety of using full-face snorkel masks (FFSMs). In recent years DAN has begun to receive incident reports connected to these new devices. This study aims to test different FFSM models to determine their characteristics and observable risks. The testing will be a collaborative effort between DAN and Duke University.

Starts: 2020

Since their invention in 2011, there have been many reports of fatalities involving full-face snorkel masks (FFSMs). Industry standards are missing, and DAN repeatedly receives inquiries from divers, as well as retailers and dive operators, about the safety of FFSMs. DAN Research and Duke University proposed a research study in which these masks from different manufacturers will be tested with a focus on the following aspects: CO2 buildup and retention in the mask, work of breathing while wearing the mask, handling of the equipment by trained and untrained people and technical considerations (possibility including hardware failure). This study is crucial to address the safety concerns surrounding the use of these masks by mostly untrained and inexperienced people and will be an important contribution to breath-hold diving safety.