Bites and Stings

Bites and stings from any kind of creature are zero fun. While divers are generally prepared to deal with underwater encounters, they may not know how best to treat bites and stings from topside critters.

White scorpion on a rock

Medical Emergencies in Remote Environments

How you handle medical emergencies in remote environments is incredibly important. Read our best tips on a variety of plausible scenarios for dealing with these particular emergencies.

Man and woman sit on beach and boop index fingers

Defining Remote

Understanding the specific challenges presented by remote environments gives adventurers a leg up. These challenges include time, environment, resources and independent decision-making. Learn how to manage emergency protocols in remote destinations.

White emergency helicopter flies over remote islands

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries need to be treated cautiously and rapidly to avoid additional risk to the spine. Do you know how to handle these injuries? Read our best tips on how to treat spinal injuries.

Man with bloodied forehead lies on the beach while a female medic treats him

First Aid Kits

First aid kits should not be an afterthought. Preparations should done now so you have a stocked first aid kit. Do you know what to pack? Get our best tips on packing your first aid kit.

Two gloved hands support a bloody hand which is clutching a piece of gauze.


Lightning strikes are impossible to predict. However, you can greatly reduce your risk of injury be implementing some safety protocols. Learn more about lighting and how to avoid the strike.

Lightning strike on body of water


Burns are a very serious and distressing injury as they can be disfiguring and life threatening. Read more about first aid and prevention.


Field Management of Heat Illness and Hypothermia

Managing a patient’s heat illness or hypothermia can be tricky — do you know what to do? Learn the field management practices of these two conditions to ensure a patient remains stable.

Very sweaty man sits down on boat and is holding a sports drink. A man next to him is kneeling and using lime-green fins to fan the sweaty man

Field Management of Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries can be incredibly problematic. And getting an injured person out of the water promptly is a priority. Learn how to responsibility handle musculoskeletal injuries.

Male diver helps a limping female diver out of a lake to seek injury treatment

Wilderness Wound Care

Even with safety precautions, someone could get hurt — are you prepared to treat any wound? Get the basics on wilderness wound care.

Purple-gloved hand rubs a wound with a white cloth to clean it