The Galapagos Islands host a strange, yet wonderful collection of animals. The area also boasts great dive sites. Learn more about the Galapagos.

Spotted eagle ray goes for a swim near a school of fish

Tuna: Super Fish

Tuna are a warm-blooded predator who cannot stop swimming, but their populations are in trouble. Read more about tuna.

Giant group of schooling, fierce-looking tuna

The Secret Lives of Corals

Corals can be found all over the world, and divers love spying on them in their natural habitats. But how much do divers truly understand corals? Read everything there is to know about corals!

Female diver holds staghorn corals in each hand

Leaves of Grass

Seagrasses have evolved to thrive in marine environments — adapting to shallow, salty or brackish habitats at least three different times over 100 million years.

Electric ray floats above grass

The Curious Life Beneath Piers and Docks

Piers and docks often act as reefs and harbor an abundance of shallow-water fish. These places were not designed to attract animals, but they have since become safe havens. Read more about the importance of piers and docks for marine life.

Young yellow cuttlefish hangs out under a pier


Conch snails are remarkable creatures with a set of eyes, a nose (sort of), a mouth and one foot. And because they’re slow, conches are commonly picked up and are a considered a delicacy in some regions.

A queen conch peers out of its shell.

Reefs of Poison and Venom

Poisons and venom have helped ocean species survive for thousands of years. These evolutionary adaptations enabled the species to hunt and thrive in different conditions. Read more about the roles of poisons and venoms in different species.

Very blue and long jellyfish

Mola Molas

Mola molas, or sunfish, are some of the heaviest bony fish in the world. They are interesting creatures who dine on jellyfish.

A giant blue-gray mola mola swims through kelp

Mystery Young

Larvae are often part of the complex life cycles of a variety of species — eels, squids, fish, jellyfish and more. Learn more about larvae and this reproductive strategy.

A larval flounder has a thingy hanging off its head

Bali’s Mola Diving

Mola molas, or sunfish, are some of the heaviest bony fish in the world. You can see these creatures firsthand in Bali.

A mola mola breaks the ocean surface and a cute bubble comes from its mouth