Mystery Young

Larvae are often part of the complex life cycles of a variety of species — eels, squids, fish, jellyfish and more. Learn more about larvae and this reproductive strategy.

A larval flounder has a thingy hanging off its head

Wrecked in Namibia

A DAN member was in a horrible car accident in the Namibia savanna. He was left badly injured and had to wait hours for emergency services. Read more about how DAN was there for this member.

Man lies in hospital bed. He's shirtless and hooked up to electrode pads.

Jurassic Brazil

Brazil is home to inland waterways which are packed with fascinating and strange wildlife. Learn more about what Brazil offers and how to see it for yourself.

Split shot of croc with open mouth

Aquarium Diving

Aquarium divers are crucial in keeping the habitats clean and the animals healthy. To be come an aquarium diver requires additional training and learning how to apply their old skills in new ways. Learn more about aquarium diving.

Aquarium diver swims next to a shark

Ocean Views 2013: A Time Capsule of Excellence

The Ocean Views 2013 photo contest enables photographers to capture images at a time that is crucial. Take a look at some of the finest image from this year’s contest.

Two blue-spotted mantis shrimp stand on blue sea star

Effects of Diving on the Brain

It is unknown what kind of effect diving has on the brain, but some researchers have found “white spots” in the brain with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Read expert opinions on diving and brain health.

Two freedivers ascend in a wave of bubbles

Tropical Queensland

Cairns may be the planet’s finest portal to world-class diving. See why the Coral Sea deserves its name, and learn what wonders await in the waters of Queensland.

Cuttlefish deposits eggs in coral

Training Beyond Borders

The Training Beyond Borders Diving Emergency Symposium is the first program of its kind, offering DAN courses to firefighters, Red Cross personnel, civil protection emergency responders and National Marine Park rangers in the Yucatán — all with full scholarships.

A grumpy-looking lionfish