The Southern Red Sea

Flowing into the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea is a vast body of water and is an oasis of marine beauty. View this photo diary and get inspired by the Red Sea.

Hawksbill sea turtle munches on corals


Tasmania is marketed as a place “like nowhere else on Earth” — and that is no exaggeration. Read one diver’s experiences of diving and exploring Tasmania.

Diver approaches red seadragon

Truth North

Norway’s coast and the northward Norwegian Sea offer experienced divers unique experiences like polar bears, seals and more. Read more about diving in Norway.

Happy polar bear floats at water's surface

Uncertainty After Diving

Through a series of case studies, one researcher illustrates the confounding nature of decompression sickness (DCS) and shares important recommendations.

A female diver is in the foreground with her hands clasped. A male diver is in the background.

Back to Britannic

The Britannic is a quintessential wreck dive for experienced technical divers, but there are hurdles to viewing it. Read one diver’s story about returning to the Britannic.

A boat with red bottom in water

Overfishing Aids Sponges, Hurts Corals on Caribbean Reefs

Overfishing coral reefs in the Caribbean has enabled sponges to predate and thrive on reefs. Read more about the impacts of overfishing and learn what divers can do about overfishing.

Sponge feasting on a coral

At the Boundary of Creation

Much of the world’s oceans remain largely unexplored, but thanks to advancements in technology, researchers and scientists are making progress and gaining a better understanding of the oceans.

Group of researchers stand around computer monitors in dark room

DAN Member Profile: Michele Hall

Underwater filmmaker Michele Hall has made over a dozen documentaries and has amassed well-deserved awards and accolades. Read more about Michele Hall and her work.

Female diver holding camera approaches a friendly shark


Fangs are an adaptation that have benefited the blenny species enabling them to ward of predators. Some species of blennies have poisonous fangs. Read more about the importance of fangs.

Yellow fangblenny hangs out in the water