Banda Bound

There is no single dive experience in Indonesia. Dive operators have created a subset of itineraries around the hub of the domestic airport and each dive experience is good.

Makos Matter

Often caught accidentally when fishing for tuna or marlin, mako shark populations are in serious trouble. But, demand for their prized fins and meat continue to drive commercial fishers to retain and kill them.

Dauin Diversity

Dauin is a peaceful beach village about 30 minutes by car from Dumaguete City (and its airport), and the area also features near the top of Philippine must-dive lists.

Working with Freedivers

Photographing humans underwater is unique because you are not capturing them in their natural habitat, which presents an enormous set of challenges, the biggest of which are the responsibilities and risks involved in breath-hold diving.

Keep Calm, and Be Prepared

Dive courses often prepare you for marine life stings. But are you prepared to treat insect stings? Thanks to emergency training, a scuba instructor was able to assist a woman who had a bee allergy.

Cardiovascular Disease and Diving

DAN® medical information specialists and researchers answer your dive medicine questions on cardiovascular disease and diving.

Supporting Those Who Serve Underwater

David Fothergill’s research helps divers and submariners. He specializes in diving physiology before his focus broadened to include submariners and submarine medicine at Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory (NSMRL) based at Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, Connecticut.

Decompression Sickness While Freediving

Decompression sickness is a rarity in freediving. But one diver failed to see the signs and fully understand the seriousness of DCS.

What Drowning Really Looks Like

Drowning is not splashing about like you see in film and television. Learn the cues so you’re prepared next time you’re in the water.