Program Spotlight: Membership and Insurance Explained

PART OF OUR CORE MISSION AT DIVERS ALERT NETWORK is anticipating divers’ needs and ensuring that our membership and insurance programs meet those needs. As diving evolves as a sport, we change our offerings for recreational divers, dive pros, and travelers who don’t dive to maintain the standards that our members have come to expect. Recently we’ve had the chance to interact with members at several dive shows and events, and we’ve noticed a common theme — people aren’t entirely sure what their membership and insurance cover. To help with understanding our various programs, especially given the recent changes and additions, we’d like to clear up the basics of what each one provides.


We now have two options so you can choose the level that best suits your needs: Regular Membership and Enhanced Membership. Both offer emergency medical transportation and travel assistance benefits of up to $150,000 for Regular and $500,000 for Enhanced. It’s important to remember that these benefits are not coverage for a dive accident; members must purchase dive accident insurance separately. Both membership levels also give you access to the 24/7 Emergency Hotline and medical and safety consultations with our team of dedicated staff. Enhanced Membership adds global security evacuation, search and rescue coverage, severe infectious disease and quarantine coverage, and the print version of Alert Diver.


All DAN members are eligible to purchase Dive Accident Insurance, an annual plan that insures against the costs of dive injuries that your health plan may not cover. Purchasing a policy will pay eligible medical expenses up to $500,000 for diving, nondiving, and named water sports accidents and injuries. The available plans and coverages vary by U.S. state or Canadian province, so visit our website or call us to find out what is available where you live and the complete details of all our different options. Our experienced insurance staff is ready to help you find the right coverage for the type of diving you do.


Before you take that big dive trip to your dream destination or plan a year of dive travel, you can purchase DAN Travel Insurance to cover medical expenses, flight cancellations from adverse weather, or lost baggage. Like our dive accident insurance plans, there are several choices of coverage that fit almost any budget. You can purchase DAN’s per-trip or annual travel insurance plans up to the day before your departure to ensure you have the right coverage for your adventure plans. Explore the travel insurance pages on for more information on what’s available. Our representatives are available to answer any questions you have.


We have several options for dive professionals and businesses to protect themselves, including professional liability insurance, group professional liability insurance, and general liability insurance. For 2022 we’ve added boat and vessel insurance and commercial property insurance to help you cover more of your professional livelihood. DAN has also expanded coverage to the Caribbean and selected U.S. territories through DAN World Insurance Group SP to help more of our dive pros in popular destinations. You can purchase your annual policy, recognized by all the major training agencies, at any time throughout the year.

For all these programs, our main Membership and Insurance page at will help you navigate to the information you need. We would also love to hear from you with any questions, so email us at any time, or call us Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET at +1-919-684-2948 or +1-800-446-2671.

It’s important to remember that these benefits are not coverage for a dive accident; members must purchase dive accident insurance separately.

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