Santa Catalina Island

Catalina is often considered a quick day trip off the California coast. With little rain and picturesque views, however, Catalina could be your next adventure.

A Search for Blue Whales

Understanding migration routes of blue whales may lead to more protection of blue whales in those locations.

Tobias Friedrich: A Passion for Excellence

Tobias Friedrich has amassed a portfolio of breathtaking images. He hopes to communicate uniquely so that when people view his portfolio they see things differently than they have before.

Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Preserve

The Straits Mackinac Shipwreck Preserve off the coast of Michigan is a unique destination for divers, with a variety of shipwrecks preserved in the area’s cold, fresh water.

The Long Goodbye

Orca populations have been on the decline for decades,. We have to address the challenges to their survival to preserve these magnificent animals.

Many orca whales poke their fins out of the water and one pokes its head out

Carbon Dioxide Safety

There are many standards and guidelines for safe limits, including the results of various occupational health and safety studies on the effects of extended exposure. For diving, the situation is different. So what are safe limits for recreational diving with much shorter exposures than navy divers? Particularly, what is a safe limit for carbon dioxide (CO2), the most abundant potential contaminant?

Help DAN Track Dive Injuries

DAN has been tracking scuba-related incidents since the late 1980s, and the dive community is critical to our success in collecting information about fatal and nonfatal injuries. Our dive safety and medical experts have produced essential recommendations as a result of their in-depth analyses of incident data. What is critical for better data is for divers and others to report incidents to DAN. By collecting more data, DAN can continue toward the goal of making every dive accident- and injury-free.

Prescription Dive Masks

There are many options currently available for divers who need corrective eyewear. With the right mask or lens, divers are better able to enjoy the underwater sights.

A Force for Dive Safety

At Divers Alert Network, our commitment to making diving safer runs deep. The members of DAN’s board of directors have spent their careers managing risk, exploring the underwater world and supporting those who dive. These are our directors and the reasons they dedicate their time to DAN.