Program Spotlight: Prepared Diver Course Makes Divers Safer

Photo by Stephen Frink

Open-water courses introduce people to the world of diving and teach the basic skills needed to succeed on dives similar to the ones completed during the course. Advanced training is often necessary to prepare divers for other situations. Continuation of dive training and education beyond the open-water course is beneficial, and to make it easier DAN® offers the Prepared Diver course to everyone at no cost.  

This informative and engaging video-based course is for all divers regardless of training level. By building on practices you’ve already learned, Prepared Diver can help you become a better, safer diver. Most important, this course focuses on mitigation and avoidance of the most common triggers of dive accidents and incidents. DAN has studied dive mishaps for 40 years to bring you this knowledge.

Whether you want tips for improving your buoyancy, equalizing, maximizing efficiency on your next dive trip or preparing your students for the underwater world, take DAN’s Prepared Diver course and share it with your dive buddies. 

To access the course, visit, log in or create an account, and then look for the course under the “Available” tab. If you’ve started or completed the course previously, it may be found under the “My Courses” or “Completed” tab.

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