DAN Dispatch: DAN Safety Services

DAN Safety Services focuses on incident prevention and incident response. Photo by Stephen Frink

The newly reorganized DAN Safety Services department combines the prevention focus of our risk mitigation efforts with the incident-response aspect of our first aid courses and safety products. Everyone in the dive industry — students, divers, and dive professionals and operators — can access DAN’s wealth of educational, training and safety product options to help keep themselves and their fellow divers safe.

A wide range of e-learning courses, webinars, newsletters, articles and safety tools are available to help you learn and understand the risks associated with diving. Once you know what can happen, you can educate yourself on preventing or mitigating the consequences of an incident arising from various risk factors.

Incident response may include providing first aid. Our courses align with national and international guidelines, giving you the knowledge and skills to respond to an accident in dive locations across the world. Our safety products can support your training with reliable, durable and effective equipment, whether you are close to home or far away.

If a healthcare facility recommends recompression treatment for a dive accident, we want to ensure that you have access to a safe hyperbaric chamber. The DAN Recompression Chamber Network (RCN) is our outreach effort to maintain a global network of chambers available for dive emergencies. We provide safety assessments and support to ensure these chambers can provide appropriate treatments for injured divers.

Supporting our focus on safety through awareness, these resources are available for everyone. The Safety Services section at DAN.org offers free online articles, guidelines and tools for dive professionals and chambers. We also provide guidance and materials to help divers do their part for the safety of themselves and their fellow divers.

We are happy to help answer your questions about dive safety. Contact DAN Safety Services using the phone or email options at DAN.org/about-dan/contact.

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