Research & Outreach

DAN can help members work through difficult situations and accidents. But DAN’s research efforts can also help divers in lasting ways.

The inside of a hyperbaric chamber is padded and no one is in it.

The Logistics of Exploration

Get a deeper understanding of exploratory diving — a sometimes controversial topic. One team of divers schemed a plan to dive and explore a deep wreck. Read more about the process.

Dive team explores propeller

Researcher Profile: David Doolette

A research physiologist in the biomedical research department at the U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) and an assistant professor in the anesthesiology department at Duke University School of Medicine, David J. Doolette, Ph.D., is also an advanced technical and cave diver, an educator and a public speaker.

A generic photo of underwater reeds

Jardines de la Reina

Jardines de la Reina is a popular dive destination with lots of sites. Learn more about Jardines de la Reina, how to dive it and how to get there.

Split shot of crocodile with many teeth

Experience & Risk

Diving experience is incredibly helpful to ward off certain risks. We experience risk in different ways and some ways provide helpful lessons. Read more.

Two divers practice sharing a regulator

The Edge of the Boomerang

Believe it or not: Australia is home to diving other than the Great Barrier Reef. The “Boomerang Coast” boasts great sites and animal life.

Two manta rays float over an Australian reef

Do Something!

Even if your skills aren’t perfect, you can still make a difference. Read a first-person story about how basic first-aid skills came in handy in saving a life.

A male and female diver pose for the camera. Silver fish are in the background.

Sustainable Seafood

How well do you fully understand sustainable seafood? Are you familiar with fish farms? Learn more about the changing agriculture industry and the importance of sustainable seafood.

Self-Aware and Prepared

This incident can serve to remind all divers of the importance of self-awareness and having an emergency action plan. It is crucial to be mindful when considering symptoms. Read more.

Man sits in a car wearing oxygen mask