Travel Smarter: DAN Travel Insurance

Photo by Stephen Frink

Handling unforeseen events close to home is hard enough, but when you are hundreds of miles away even small problems can be trying — or put you in real danger. Since 1980 DAN has been helping divers tackle troubles that arise during dives. Because travel is inherent to diving, we later expanded our services to better protect members as they ventured out to make their dives.

In 2004 DAN created a travel insurance program to improve upon the travel assistance benefits all DAN members enjoyed. DAN Trip Insurance offers divers and their nondiving companions access to per-trip coverage that protects them from events outside the scope of their DAN member benefits and dive accident insurance. We later developed DAN Annual Travel Insurance for frequent travelers. Now members have access to premium benefits whether they opt to cover one trip with DAN Trip Insurance or every trip in a year with DAN Annual Travel Insurance.

DAN Travel Insurance policies provide flexible coverage for some of the most common problems travelers face. With a DAN travel insurance policy — per-trip or annual — travelers can avoid significant financial loss resulting from illness, injury, adverse weather, canceled flights and even unlikely situations such as the financial default of a travel supplier. Travelers who choose to purchase coverage from DAN also gain exclusive access to 24/7 emergency assistance, emergency evacuation coverage and concierge travel services. Year after year, divers and travelers continue to purchase DAN Travel Insurance because it meets their unique needs and comes from the experts they have trusted for 40 years.

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